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Relaxation, Meditation, Binaural Beats, Anxiety and Stress Management Tools for Covid-19

State On Demand is cherry-picking useful free resources for relaxation, anxiety and stress management tools ranging from meditation, functional sound, binaural beats to digital therapeutics. Below are some selected resources that will be updated regularly.

Staying mentally healthy while working in self-isolation is one of the biggest challenges we are all facing. As the coronavirus develops, the single most important thing we can all do is to stay at home in order to protect our healthcare systems and save lives. But working from home, especially under quarantine or self-isolation for a long period, poses challenges to our mental wellbeing.

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Stress Management Tips:

  • Schedule this into your day. Put it on your actual physical calendar.
  • Designate a space where you can do this comfortably, and that will be the “spot” you return to do this
  • Try different kinds of practices and different instructors, be open!
  • Sit down vs lying down vs listening and walking
  • Try eyes open vs eyes closed
  • Many of you may not have tried several of the techniques listed below, and they may feel a little foreign or silly at first. That’s okay. Be open to the experience and just commit to trying and being present. Take what works best for you, leave what doesn’t.


Apple’s Apps:

Your Meditation Station
Soothing Sounds to Relax to
Your Meditation Station

Calm – Free resources from Calm to take care of our minds and stay grounded, including content hand-picked to support your mental and emotional wellness through this time.

Headspace – Headspace is offering a collection of guided meditations and exercises (including brand-new recordings) available for free to all employers and their employees. It’s our small way of helping you and your workplace approach every day with compassion and understanding, as you look to keep your business as healthy and happy as possible.

Insight Timer – Meditation
What’s Up – Anxiety
RelaxMelodies – Anxiety & Relaxation
Hear and Now – Anxiety & Relaxation
Sleep Cycle – Sleep cycle timing


Immersive Wellbeing Sessions:

Get fully immersed with Sound bath including steel tongue drum, Harmonium, Zaphir wind chimes, Tibetan singing bowl, Double flute, Chakapa leaves, Shaman drum, Gong bath by Aaron Horn; Crystal singing bowls and de-stress breathwork by Jayne Ellis; Qigong standing meditation by Sameena Azam.


Restorative Yoga Playlist:

Restorative yoga is a type of yoga that is primarily aimed at relaxing the body and mind. It is performed mostly on the ground and is low impact and easy to modify. Use towels, pillow, books as props. You will know you are doing it right when it feels GOOD. Intuitively makes you want to settle in deeper. There should be no muscle engagement during these poses so use your props to build up space between you and the floor.


Gentle Yoga, Stretching and Recovery Playlist:

Gentle yoga is low impact and focuses on moving easily in the body to gently stretch and relax. Moving while breathing enhances mind body connection and can be very grounding in a way that intense physical exercise can’t. Some of these are targeted for legs, neck etc. Some are yoga based, some are physical therapy based, a few are for foam rolling/therapy balls etc.


Guided Meditation for Anxiety and Relaxation Playlist:

Meditation is a practice in which one uses a variety of techniques to train the mind in focus, awareness, and perspective. Kind of like stretching and working out for your brain. Depending on the technique used, the experience of meditating may be very different. There is no one right experience. Here’s a good explanation from Headspace “Meditation isn’t about becoming a different person, a new person, or even a better person. It’s about training in awareness and getting a healthy sense of perspective. You’re not trying to turn off your thoughts or feelings. You’re learning to observe them without judgment. And eventually, you may start to better understand them as well.”


Binaural Beats for Anxiety and Relaxation Playlist:

One of the recently popular stress management tools is Functional Soundscape that contains binaural beats some may include background music. Our brains, bodies, and spirits respond to different frequencies differently and by using specific tones we can activate or deactivate certain qualities. Binaural beats (think “BI” meaning two) uses two separate tones whereas Isochronic tones (ISO, think one, equal) only uses one tone that alternates. “Heinrich Wilhelm Dove was the first person to discover binaural beats in 1839. He noticed that when two separate tones are passed through the ear, our brain notices the difference between the two tones and then creates another tone that is a difference between the two. Binaural beats should be listened to through headphones but isochronic tones do not require that. Put it on and simply relax and listen.


Yoga Nidra Playlist:

Yoga Nidra is a type of yoga that does not involve asanas (aka physical poses). Nidra translates to sleep- and the idea behind it is to achieve the same brain activity and physiological benefits that you would during sleep while still being awake. So it’s like a conscious sleep. Usually performed seated or lying down and you will listen to a series of verbal cues. Simply following the instructions and committing to trying the practice is enough for this under-appreciated kind of yoga to work! The instructions/audio may sound silly but be open to your own experience of it. The “Good Night Sleep Tight” Kit will most certainly help you fall asleep faster.


EFT Tapping Playlist:

EFT Tapping stands for emotional freedom technique tapping. It uses several different schools of healing thought (mantra, acupressure/puncture, vagal linguistic programming, energy healing etc). It involves tapping on specific areas of the body that are energy channels and may or may not include mantra and spoken word while performing the tapping. I personally tap w/o the words, simply on my sternum and breathe deeply, no words or phrases, and it works wonders for stress management and rising anxiety.


Hypnosis Therapy for Deep Relaxation Playlist:

Hypnosis therapy uses guided awareness to induce a trancelike state involving extreme relaxation, focus, and peripheral awareness. You are verbally guided by audio and can be done seated or lying down. You may experience a hypnotic state or simply receive relaxation benefits similar to yoga nidra. Have an open mind and commit to being present in your participation if you decide to try it.


Please contribute to the list via comments below.