Empowering Personalised Longevity Journey

State On Demand™ is a personalised longevity AI companion app for entrepreneurs to live a Longer, Healthier, and Happier Life. AI powered recommendations enables entrepreneurs to have bespoke longevity plans to help them sleep better, stress less, and live more, while supporting mental, physical and emotional health.

Based on the user’s goals & digital biomarkers data our AI App recommends hyper personalised longevity plans to form healthy habits and rewire the brain within only a few months. The plans includes therapy sessions, science backed functional soundscapes with immersive visuals, bespoke guided meditations, transformative breathwork exercises, and the world’s first Spiritual Vitamins, a safe and legal microdosing supplements.

Our multi-sensory wellness platform, the world’s first, leverages deep tech and data science to provide hyper-personalized recommendations for mind and body wellness. Our AI-powered technology enables individuals to receive bespoke longevity programs that address their specific goals, using human data profiling and circadian rhythm science. Our recommendations include bespoke activities like guided meditation and breathwork, functional soundscapes with generative visuals, and if you desire to go even further our web app includes preparation and integration for retreats and targeted microdosing formulas. We also offer smart environments that use room temperature and smart lights to optimise immersive wellbeing, along with 1:1 calls with our practitioners for even better personalisation.

Our individual recommendations are powered by science-backed machine learning algorithms that create bespoke suggestions based on circadian and ultradian rhythms. At State On Demand, we fuse innovative deep tech with a 360 approach to self-care, giving entrepreneurs access to transformational experiences, functional products, and services tailored to their unique needs. Our goal is to maximise productivity and performance both mentally and physically, helping our clients reach their full potential and take control of their wellbeing.

Prem Sangeet Petar Savic

Prem Sangeet

Following a period of intense dedication and unparalleled success, Prem found himself facing a profound burnout, a turning point that forever altered the trajectory of his life. Having built the world’s largest entrepreneurial community Startup Grind , spearheaded award-winning marketing campaigns for renowned brands like Techstars, Nike, Converse, Costa Coffee , shared his wisdom as a respected lecturer at top-tier universities like UCL and Imperial College London, and orchestrated transformative events for Beckley Retreats and major festivals, Prem had achieved what many might consider the pinnacle of success. Yet, the toll on his physical, mental, and emotional well-being was unmistakable. This pivotal moment served as a catalyst for change and a transformative healing process , exploring various holistic modalities and innovative health hacks . Through this deeply personal journey, he discovered the profound significance of longevity and the crucial role it plays in the lives of entrepreneurs and change-makers. Driven by a passionate mission, Prem is committed to sharing his approach to longevity with fellow entrepreneurs , that true success encompasses not only professional achievements but also the cultivation of a sustainable, vibrant, and fulfilling life by embracing a holistic approach to health. In this era of ever-increasing demands and relentless pursuit of achievement, Prem aims to empower entrepreneurs with the tools, knowledge, and resources necessary to optimize their well-being, enhance their longevity, create a harmonious balance between their personal and professional lives , and a path towards resilience, purpose, and lasting fulfilment.

“Together, we can cultivate sustainable success, vibrant health, and a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.”

SunDari Marci Lock

SunDari Marci Lock

Known for her ability to guide high-performing individuals beyond surface-level self-empowerment, SunDari takes you on a transformative journey of alchemy, embodiment and integration, to access living from your divine blueprint and the codes for living your greatest life. From humble beginnings as a $2-per-hour waitress, SunDari has emerged as a Million$+ Mentor, serving a diverse range of individuals including top influencers, corporate leaders and game changers for humanity . Her approach emphasizes going into the depths of healing, coupled with integration and embodiment, empowering individuals to integrate the tools and teachings into their daily lives for profound lasting transformation, and to continually expand as their own greatest alchemist. Even while working with clients and global leaders at the highest level, SunDari remains committed to making illumination accessible to all beings .

“I am committed to supporting leaders in their journey towards profound transformation and empowerment, supporting them integrate divine wisdom into their daily lives and become their own greatest alchemist.”