Personalised Cyberdelic Experience

State On Demand is a London based health tech company that’s on a mission to empower 100 million people by 2030 worldwide to reach their full potential and take control of their wellbeing with personalised cyberdelic experiences.

With personalised programmes spanning targeted plant medicine retreats and microdosing formulas, guided functional audio visual content, and adaptive environments, State On Demand aims to become a leading brand in the fast-growing psychedelic space mixing traditional practices and modern science.

We are dedicated to redefining mental health treatments though evidence-based holistic modalities and psychedelic-assisted therapies.

Leveraging deep tech and data science, our multi-sensory wellness platform – the world’s first – enables individuals to take control of their mind and body with hyper-personalised recommendations.

AI powered technology enables individuals to have bespoke wellbeing programmes to help to fall asleep, releasing anxiety, heal traumas, achieving full potential and to support mental, physical and emotional wellness.

Based on the user’s goals on demand, human data profiling and circadian rhythm science we recommend hyper personalised multisensory wellness programmes to form healthy habits and rewire the brain. This includes plant medicine retreat, targeted microdosing formulas and functional soundscapes with generative visuals. It also has the capability to adapt optimum environments using room temperature and smart lights, suggest bespoke activities like guided meditation and breathwork and have a 1:1 call with one of our practitioners.

Fusing innovative deep tech with a 360 approach to self-care, State On Demand gives individuals access to transformational experiences, functional products and services tailored to their unique needs, maximising productivity and performance both mentally and physically.

Themed around three holistic pillars of wellbeing – ‘Twilight’, ‘Balance’ and ‘Flow’ – our range of forward-thinking wellbeing tools span targeted nutrition formulas, multi-sensory experiences like breathwork and meditation, and smart environments such as functional sounds, light exposure and colour therapy. Individual recommendations are powered by our science-backed machine learning algorithms, which create bespoke suggestions based on circadian and ultradian rhythms.

Improve Sleep, Reduce Anxiety, Prevent Burnout, Transform Stress, Heighten Creativity, Boost Energy, Peak Performance, Work Smarter, Improve Focus, Get Inspired, Be Calm, Improve Social Skills, Recover Faster