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A Biohacking platform that helps you do more with your mind & reach holotropic states at will.
Improve sleep, meditation, concentration, learning, productivity, performance, creativity & motivation.

Cognitive & Emotive enhancement

Biohacking the gap between nature & technology, analog & digital worlds

SonD Mobile App

Designed to tune your brainwaves to mental states at will. Explore the wonderful kaleidoscope of possibilities & teleport yourself to the world of wonder.


Emotional & Psychological enhancement aided by Plan Based Nootropics


Cognitive & Psychological Conditioning with Immersive Escapism


Personal AI enhanced Neurostimulation via BioFeedback loop


Mental Health & Wellbeing 3.0

Revolutionising Digital Health & Wellness with cross pollination of Nutrition, Immersive Experience & Biofeedback. We want to enhance people’s lives with biohacking & a bit of magic.

Neurostimulation BioFeedback

AI-enhanced Cognitive & Psychological Conditioning


Hypercharge Meditation

E-Meditation is a new digital approach to ancient meditation practices that fundamentally rewires the brain towards joy. We can track, monitor and improve the experience.

Powerful Brainwave Entertainment

We analyse brain, heart, body and breath data with BioSensors to improve immersive experience using Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence technology in real time with BioFeedback.

Powerful Brainwave Entertainment


Organic Plant Based Nootropics

Sublingual Oil


Gummy Bears

Bulletproof Coffee

Chill Pill


Immersive Escapism

Let yourself go to the supreme reality simulation.

Petar Savic
Petar Savic
Co-Founder & Biohacker
James Dempsey
James Dempsey
Co-Founder & Alchemist
Linsey Ann Carter
Linsey Ann Carter


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