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Burning Man Multiverse 2020 / BRCvr / CYBER DREAMS

Enter the Burning Man Multiverse

The Burning Man Multiverse will be alive and ready for intrepid adventurers during Burn Week! The Multiverse is an endlessly expanding virtual Burning Man. Intrepid adventurers are invited to co-create eight Universes, a virtual Temple, and a globally distributed Man Burn.

Watch the All the Virtual Burning Man 2020 Multiverses demos

It takes a community. A Multiverse doesn’t just emerge from the ether. We’d like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to all the people who coded, designed, crafted, planned, and stayed up long nights, inspired by the unlimited possibilities of Burning Man culture.

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Burning Man Multiverse 2020 / BRCvr / CYBER DREAMS

BRCvr (Black Rock City VR)

BRCvr, Recognized Universe of the Burning Man Multiverse, is a fully realized virtual recreation of Black Rock City brought to your computer screens and VR headsets.

Inspired by the Multiverse theme, a crew of veteran Burners has created BRCvr, complete with current and past art installations, structures, theme camps, live talks, classes, and performances. Multiverse participants will be able to freely explore a full, at-scale version of Black Rock City via most virtual reality headsets and through Windows and Mac desktop applications. Lose your friends on the Esplanade; dance on an art car; visit the Temple; look for your yearbook photo; even fly to the top of the Man and set off fireworks.

Join other BRCvr:

Raspberry Dream Labs' camp in world's 1st VR Burning Man!


Raspberry Dream Labs’ camp in world’s 1st VR Burning Man!

This year many things went virtual and so did Burning Man, spreading across 8 virtual universes! {CYBER DREAMS} is Raspberry Dream Labs’ thematic camp located in BRCvr (Black Rock City VR) – a fully realized virtual recreation of Black Rock City brought to your computer screens and VR headsets! Our camp is set in the post-apocalyptic future where humans have merged with technology and are now revitalising Earth with innovative technologies.

State On Demand are throwing one of the most ambitious take over lineups at Burning Man Multiverse / BRCvr

Sonic Artists:

Estelle Rubio –

Fabio Garces 

Lucyne Jade –

Niina –

More artist to be announced soon


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