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multi-sensory experience & smart environments

The incredible 24 hour festival happened on Friday June 14th as a part of London Tech Week, with Tom MiddletonState On Demand and special guest speaker/moderator Mr Arigami at OMEARA. It was an experimental evening of multisensory immersive wellness and discussion for optimised mind and energy states and boosting mental resilience in a time of stress and inevitable burnout.

Mental health shouldn’t be a boring topic and the solutions to achieve a healthier mind truly come to life with Getahead festival.

The session covered the importance of self-care strategies for mental (and physical) resilience, immersive and multisensory wellness – merging science with a traditional sound and frequency healing modalities, new technologies and platforms.


Intro: ‘Transforming Stress’
We commence with an enlightening talk on how to transform stress from Multisensory Experience Design research expert Ari Peralta CEO of @arigamiuk


Discussion on the applied science of Neuromusicology and Psychoacoustic principles in meaningful content creation to improve mental wellbeing.

What is ‘State On Demand’ and how do we achieve it? Who are the sound healers and performers joining us and how will they transform our state?

And following an unmissable keynote from Nick Littlehales on how to optimise sleep we’ll continue the theme on music scientifically designed to help you sleep better, and reinforce why sleep is so crucial for lifetime mental health and wellbeing.


Q&A and discussion.

Multisensory Experience, Sonic Artist Performances & Functional Soundscapes

Hosted by State On Demand / Supreme Factory and Tom Middleton (SONUX) the legendary DJ, musician, sound architect and sleep-science coach

An experimental evening of multisensory immersive wellness for optimised mind and energy states and boosting mental resilience.

Integrating discussions, smart sensory experiences and performances from leading experts and sound healing practitioners.


Tom Middleton will be demonstrating my Sleep Better psychoacoustic soundscapes and performing a Transcendental DJ set to redefine a mindful and socially responsible approach to Djing – shouldn’t we be exposed to music and frequencies that deliver health benefits?


Smart multisensory experiences, State On Demand Herbal Sinery bar, performances from leading sound healing practitioners :

Jayne Ellis, Lucyne Jade, Sameena Azam, Nicole Harvey