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The Future Is Sound Events & Experiences

‘The Future is Sound’ is a series of events & experiences who’s mission is to explore how music and sound can positively affect the human experience.

“We are uniting pioneers, innovators and thought leaders from the fields of Music, Sound, Emerging Technology, Health & Wellbeing, the Arts and Ancient Spiritual Practices to take a deep dive into the world of sound. “ __ Jimmy Kyriacou, Founder UNBOX LONDON.

When: Tuesday 16th July 2019 18:30 – 21:30
Where: 93 Feet East (LIVE) 150 Brick Lane, Shoreditch, London E1 6QL






  • DJ’S






:: STATE ON DEMAND : A Immersive Wellness platform that helps you do more with your mind & body to reach holotropic states at will. Revolutionising Wellness with the cross-pollination of Neuro-Nutrition, Multisensory Experience & Biofeedback Loop. Improve sleep, meditation, focus, learning, productivity, performance, creativity & motivation. On the night State On Demand will be proving Herbal Bar with Tea, Plant-Based Oils, Vegan Gummy Bears, Chill Pills for Twilight and Flow states, Muscle Spray, and more goodies.




:: TONY ANDREWS : Tony Andrews is a renowned soundsystem designer and the owner and founder of Funktion One perhaps dance music’s most famous soundsystem manufacturer. The company has influenced global electronic music in countless ways with its groundbreaking technology, superb sound quality, and enormous bass, but undoubtedly clubbers and DJs will know Funktion-One best from its giant stacks in the world’s top clubs, including Space Ibiza, Berghain, Output, and Trouw.

Andrews’ fundamental motive is to achieve the best sound quality possible, paying considerable attention to the emotional effect of not just music, but the sound itself, what you might call its ‘quality’. In a world where he believes everything is ‘dumbing down’ and finesse and subtlety are rapidly disappearing, it is a source of pride to him that Funktion One is continually going in the opposite direction, expanding the envelope. On a spiritual level, he believes good music and good sound has the effect of opening peoples’ minds and deepening their consciousness which can only be good for the planet. Tony’s free and unrelenting approach to innovation has kept him at the forefront of the professional audio industry for almost 50 years.



:: TOM MIDDLETON : Tom is a world renowned pioneer and polymath of electronic music, with previous roles as an orchestral cellist, graphic designer, broadcaster, remixer, producer and DJ, and currently making waves as a Sound Architect, Psychoacoustics Sound Designer and Researcher, and added certified Sleep Science Coach to his credentials in early 2018.

Tom currently designs and creates functional wellness audio and music content across multiple industries, and is privileged to be working with a coalition of world leading scientists from Ivy League laboratories on a quest to address fundamental human problems.


:: AARON HORN : Aaron is a Director at SPZ Music, a group that includes the legendary SARM Studios and Perfect Songs Publishing, working with clients such as Kylie Minogue, Seal & Little Mix. He is also active as a performing musician alongside Tim Wheater and Cherub, creating ambient and immersive sonic experiences with performances taking place in diverse venues ranging from The Shard to the National Portrait Gallery.


:: Erin Sharoni : Erin is the US Deputy Editor of DJ Mag, a Creative Director for biotech startup InsideTracker, and a media personality. Erin’s unique background makes her a 21st Century Renaissance Woman: A trained visual artist who has been drawing, painting and sculpting since she first discovered the magic of a Crayola box at age 2, her artistic endeavors eventually grew to encompass many genres, including: music, writing, dance, acting, computer media and the life sciences.


:: TRACIE STORIE : Founder of Elemental Resonance, a platform for restorative vibrational sound healing. Tracie is a Vibrational Sound Practitioner, teacher of Qi Gong, she hosts sound meditation classes & workshops worldwide. She is a conscious event producer and former international professional DJ. As a practitioner her sessions are instinctively tuned to the individual client, as a teacher and workshop lead her skills stretch beyond the treatment room to include immersive group sound harmonisations and meditation classes.


:: ARI PERALTA : CEO of Arigami, a company leading the way in multisensory research collaborating with leading innovative businesses, scientists, inspiring artists and pioneering technologists. Ari works with a coalition of independent sensory technology companies and major brands to find new way’s in which the senses can help improve our moods and enhance our health. Arigami’s team is working around the globe to improve sleep, reduce stress and promote wellness using different combinations of sensory input.



:: CHERUB : Master of high frequency, Cherub Sanson is supremely dedicated to the healing & transformational powers of sound. Her own brand of 432hz instruments, Sister Sound Circle; a sonic support network for women, and Play Around Sound; an intuitive musical exploration for children. Cherub is the founder of Sound Mind; working with specific vibrational frequencies to entrain the brain & guide people into happier, healthier states of mind.


:: TIM WHEATER : Award winning composer, flautist, vocalist, teacher and public speaker, Tim has presented his acclaimed inspirational music, talks and demonstrations all over the world. He has co-presented with some of the finest renowned authors, healers and spiritual teachers including Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Julia Cameron, James Redfield and more recently His Holiness the Dalai Lama.



:: ESTELLE RUBIO : A self confessed ‘Geek Girl’ Estelle was head hunted by Apple to demo their music software program Logic Pro; As a tech presenter Estelle has also appeared on BBC, alongside fellow geek musician Imogen Heap on a program about music + technology. She has hosted + contributed to panels at Winter Music Conference (Miami), ADE, BPM + for Sound On Sound Magazine keeping up to date with developments in Music Tech + electronic music. Her compositions have featured on Sky and BBC and as soundtracks to fashion Shows + brand campaigns.


‘The Future is Sound’ is brought to you by UNBOX LONDON in partnership with Experimental Thought CoTruman Brewery & Supreme Factory.