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VR Health Research Meditation Benefits


Research on VR health benefits conducted by Co-Founder of State On Demand Petar Savic at the YouTube Space London.
Filmed with Insta360 EVO VR180 3D camera during the VR180 workshop by VRScout.

A new digital approach to traditional practices with tracking, monitoring and personalising the meditation experience.

Neurofeedback Meditation & VR benefits

  • Helps preserve the ageing brain
  • Reduces activity in the brain’s “me centre”
  • It’s effect rival antidepressants for depression
  • Just a few days of training improves concentration and attention
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Can help with addiction
  • Meditation fundamentally rewires the brain towards joy
  • Mindfulness increase productivity for Corporate Executives
  • Virtual Reality helps pain relief
  • VR helps soldiers with PTSD anxiety phobia