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Immersive Wellbeing At Kobalt Music


As a part of Kobalt January Wellbeing month, in partnership with GetaheadState On Demand delivered an Immersive Wellbeing session including a panel and tasing of functional products for creativity flow.

Getahead launched a 25-year mission to positively impact a billion people 1000 people came for 24 hours of fun, learning & dancing.


Wellbeing Topics:

  • How can we incorporate wellbeing into more of our everyday thoughts, actions, conversations, experiences
  • How is technology changing the wellness landscape?
  • What about a large group of people who don’t meditate or feel wellness is not for them?
  • What is actually going on inside our brain-mind-body when we meditate or enter into rest and relax mode?
  • How does the reward system play a role in experience, pleasure and productivity?
  • What leads to and what are the impacts of overstimulation?
  • How can we implement some of these tools in the workplace


Immersive Wellbeing Panelists:


Robyn Landau is an artist and researcher who explores creativity through a cross-modal approach. The focus of her work in the growing science of Neuroaesthetics unpacks the influence of creativity, flow and aesthetic experience on wellbeing. She believes creativity is a fundamental component of life, with broad impacts on happiness, motivation and pleasure. As a dancer, ceramicist and Kundalini Yoga practitioner, she fuses these organic and energetic schools of thought into her research. Her background in music, media and branding makes these concepts applicable, for tangibly felt impacts for individuals and organisations. She runs workshops and seminars across London which provide practical tools to optimise creativity, exploring contributing factors and key processes for enhancement. Robyn works on corporate programmes and creativity flow research at State On Demand.


Ariana Alexander- Sefre describes herself as, ‘a curious creature who loves adventures, fitness, live music and discovering new and exciting things’. She set up her first events business aged 19, ‘running what was probably a very illegal music-gig and club night operation in Bristol’. She would cycle home at 4 am with thousands of pounds of cash in her bag having very little idea what she was doing but knowing she loved creating experiences. Since then, and over the past 9 years, Ariana has worked with companies including Nike, Coca-Cola, Citi Private Bank, Sofar Sounds and various tech startups and investment firms, managing everything from tiny grassroots events to ultra high net worth corporate events.


James Dempsey has had a broad range of business ventures, starting out at just 8 years old selling fresh farm eggs door to door. His professional life saw him working in Corporate Finance IT and Compliance in The City, software development, Event Management, consumer product development and the launch of many of his own brands including Driver Training Schools, Espresso Roast Coffee Beans, Cafes and Coffee bars, and Unilever (Walls Ice Cream) products. James believes the heart of every good business is not just the quality of the products and services, but the team who create, deliver and facilitate. He is currently involved in the development, manufacturing and launch of various CBD brands, products and ranges, including CBD Gummy Bears, Muscle Pain Relief and multipotency CBD Oils. James is a co-founder and alchemist of State On Demand and specifically targeted at the millions of suffering from mental health disorders in the UK.


Petar Savic is a multipotentiality, super-connector and yogi with a key interest in project management within an Emerging Technologies, AI, Blockchain, Immersive, HealthTech, FoodTech, bridging the gap between technical, creative and commercial requirements. He is the founder of a London based deep tech enterprise called Supreme Factory and Co-Director of Startup Grind London (Powered by Google for Startups). Petar mentors talents and students at Imperial College London, UCL, London Business School, One Tech by Capital Enterprise, Queen Mary University of London, NatWest Accelerator, Newable, Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) by DIT, Kickstart London, Hackney Business, Primrose Hill community, Teens in AI, Founders4Schools, Swisscontact, Escape The City etc. He was a Marketing and Events Coordinator at the UCL Advances. Petar founded State On Demand with a mission to unlock the full human potential.


Kobalt Music, a platform that manages music for around 20% of TOP music artists and top 100 songs in the U.S. Kobalt’s annual revenues are around $400 million and have  700 employees.

When: Friday 31 st January
Where: Kobalt, The River Building, 1 Cousin Lane, London, EC4R 3TE