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Giant Multisensory Hub Powered By Supreme Factory

We are looking forward to this year’s the GIANT Health event featuring a new zone… Multisensory Hub powered by Supreme Factory!

GIANT is Europe’s largest, most valuable health technology innovation event. Vision is to improve the health and wellbeing of people around the world, by promoting healthcare innovation and supporting healthtech entrepreneurs. GIANT brings people together to innovate and spark productive collaboration to accelerate better health outcomes.

Attendees include: healthtech startups, investors, clinicians, health-tech corporates, service providers, innovators, public funders, entrepreneurs, NHS, government leaders. 1 in 3 delegates are C-suite; 75% are senior decision makers.

Engage with Sensory Experts, Leading Technologists & Innovative Scientists. Join us and other innovators who are using the senses to improve healthcare!


The GIANT Health conference includes many other tracks, such as:

  • Cell & Gene Therapies: The Cures Patients Can’t Get?
  • Great British HealthTech
  • Immersive Technology for Health
  • Taboo! Tech for Sex, Death & Rock ‘n’ Roll
  • AI & Advanced Analytics
  • Health Insurance: Vision 2025
  • Personalising the Care Journey
  • Accelerating Health: Financing the Future
  • 5G Future of Healthcare
  • Technology and Innovation for Medical Cannabis
  • Distributed Ledgers – The Building Blocks for Health 3.0
  • Wearables and Beyond
  • Keeping Up with Consumer Tech
  • Cannabis


Giant Multisensory Hub Powered By Supreme Factory

15th October 9AM-11AM “Sensory Overload: Always On”
Mental health is a serious concern in the UK and worldwide. We live fast-paced lives and seem to always be ‘on’. Learn how we can use emerging technologies as tools that can help improve quality of life.

Giant Multisensory Hub Powered By Supreme Factory

Mirjana Prokic, HealthTech Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder HangAir Global

hangAIR Global creates a thriving ecosystem for full body & mind RESET (Rest, Ease, Sleep, Energize, Transform) anywhere, anytime. Our holistic approach drives a long term value creation for hangAIR users and tangibly improves individual health, happiness and productivity.

15th October 11AM-2PM “Psycho-Acoustic Wellness”
Discover new ways sound can help improve our cognitive functioning and help promote mental and emotional well-being using Psychoacoustics, Immersive Wellness and NeuroMusicology.

Giant Multisensory Hub Powered By Supreme Factory

Tom Middleton, Sound Architect & Sleep Coach, CEO & Founder, Sonux

Tom is a world renowned pioneer and polymath of electronic music, with previous roles as an orchestral cellist, graphic designer, broadcaster, remixer, producer and DJ, and currently making waves as a Sound Architect, Psychoacoustics Sound Designer and Researcher, and added certified Sleep Science Coach to his credentials in early 2018.

15th October  2PM-6PM “Decoding Wellness”
Best practices for integrated health transformation programs for corporate and individual clients.

Giant Multisensory Hub Powered By Supreme Factory

Nina Skorytchenko, HealthTech Executive, Co-Founder & CEO WellCode

Nina is MSc, MA, BSc, sNT, CEO and co-founder of Avenna and Wellcode life. Wellcode is scientific wellness company which is delivering personalised wellness solutions to corporate and individual clients individual and corporate clients, tailored to the individual’s unique molecular, genetic and physiological profiles. Two years ago Nina also teamed up with a leading bioscience company based in Oxford specialising in glycomics to form precision medicine company called Avenna Ltd. She works with leading scientists to develop precision healthcare tests and pathways which later be implemented and used by practitioners at Wellcode Life. Nina is a motivational speaker on personalised preventative healthcare and travels the world to find out and share the secrets of healthspan extension.

Giant Multisensory Hub Powered By Supreme Factory

Christian Thomson, Award-Winning Performance Coach, Head of Health Transformation  Programmes WellCode

Christian is a fully accredited Performance Coach who has achieved World Kick Boxing Championship gold and recognition as Coach of the Year by the body transformation awards 2017. His innovative practice incorporates the latest scientific developments in optimum health technology with his expertise as an athlete to deliver impressive and measurable results. Moving beyond the usual remit of personal training Thomson utilises potent psychological and neurological techniques to help others gain pain free, powerful bodies.

Thomson’s personal story has been a transformation from inactivity, dysfunction and excess weight, to a phenomenal increase in all aspects of his physical well being. Having experienced the benefits of mindful exercise and nutrition, plus cutting edge science based treatments, Thomson has refined his winning formula into a unique and ground breaking fitness approach he can share.

16th October 10AM-2PM “State On Demand Multisensory Menu”
Experience an Immersive Wellness with Herbal Bar and Virtual Reality modalities. Go to deep meditative states, balance your mind & body or unlock your full potential on demand.

Giant Multisensory Hub Powered By Supreme Factory

James Dempsey, Entrepreneur & Modern Alchemist, State On Demand Co-Founder

James Dempsey has had a broad range of business ventures, starting out at just 8 years old selling fresh farm eggs door to door. His professional life saw him working in Corporate Finance IT and Compliance in The City, software development, Event Management, consumer product development and the launch of many of his own brands including Driver Training Schools, Espresso Roast Coffee Beans, Cafes and Coffee bars, and Unilever (Walls Ice Cream) products.

James believes the heart of every good business is not just the quality of the products and services, but the team who create, deliver and facilitate. He is currently involved in the development, manufacturing and launch of various CBD brands, products and ranges, including CBD Gummy Bears, Muscle Pain Relief and multipotency CBD Oils. James is a co-founder and alchemist of State On Demand and specifically targeted at the millions of suffering from mental health disorders in the UK.

Giant Multisensory Hub Powered By Supreme Factory

Petar Savic, Innovator, Supreme Factory & State On Demand Founder

Petar Savic is a multipotentiality, super-connector and yogi with a key interest in project management within an Emerging Technologies, AI, Blockchain, Immersive, HealthTech, FoodTech and Internet environment, bridging the gap between technical, creative and commercial requirements. Moreover, he is the founder of a London based Virtual Accelerator called Supreme Factory and Co-Director of Startup Grind London (Powered by Google for Startups).

In 2018 Petar was also a Western Balkans Champion at Department for International Trade UK. He mentors talents and students at Imperial College London, UCL, London Business School, One Tech by Capital Enterprise, Queen Mary University of London, NatWest Accelerator, Newable, Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) by DIT, Kickstart London, Hackney Business, Primrose Hill community, Teens in AI, Founders4Schools, Swisscontact, Escape The City etc.

Petar was a Marketing and Events Coordinator at the UCL Advances, at the time the biggest entrepreneurial department in the world and the biggest University in Europe. He was a Chief Digital Officier of EXIT Festival and other festivals like International Radio Festival, bridging the gap between virtual and real customer experience. Petar founded State On Demand with a mission to unlock the full human potential.

16th October 11AM-2PM “Quantifying the Senses”
Learn how an interdisciplinary team of scientists, technologists and designers are building new systems that can measure sensory input in order to promote healthier and happier environments.

Giant Multisensory Hub Powered By Supreme Factory

Ari Peralta, Multisensory Research, CEO & Founder of Arigami Ltd.

Forbes recognized innovator and serial entrepreneur Ari Peralta is the CEO and Founder of Arigami, a London-based research firm dedicated to expanding and refining multisensory science and promoting STEAM education. Ari has worked across multiple media disciplines in both large and small organisations, and currently leads an interdisciplinary coalition of scientists, technologists and designers working around the globe to improve complex human problems such as sleep, stress and wellness.

16th October 2PM-6PM “Sensing the Future of Precision Medicine”
Experience how precision medicine solutions are revolutionising early detection, prevention and treatments for chronic inflammatory diseases ( “CIDs”).

Giant Multisensory Hub Powered By Supreme Factory

Dr. Daryl Fernandes, Pioneering Scientist & MedTech Entrepreneur, Co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Avenna Ltd

Daryl is a pioneering scientist, developer of innovative medical technologies and entrepreneur. Daryl gained his doctorate in biochemistry at the University of Oxford in the 1980s and helped spin out Oxford GlycoSciences (OGS) before joining that company. As part of his DPhil he developed technology used in the seminal Oxford-Tokyo study which opened up the field of medical glycomics. Daryl is also a Founder and Chief Executive of Ludger, a 20 years old life -science company specialising in glycotechnology to support the realisation of anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory biologic drugs and glycomics technologies for precision medicine of chronic inflammatory diseases (CIDs). is more than slightly obsessed by the Preston Curve (why do rich people live longer than those who are poor?), fat bellies (where do they come from and how could you get rid of one?) and self-care to prevent and treat CIDs (how can you look after yourself effectively and affordably with minimal medical intervention?).

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Where: Chelsea Football Club Stadium, 2 Hilary Cl, Fulham Rd, Fulham, London SW6 1EA, UK