Take control of your Mind and Body

Find immersive wellbeing tools to enable you to fall asleep, tackle anxiety and to support your mental and emotional wellness in this through time. Leveraging deep tech and data science, our multi-sensory wellness platform enables individuals to take control of their mind and body with hyper-personalised recommendations. Fusing innovative tech with a 360 approach to self-care, State On Demand gives individuals access to functional products and services tailored to their unique needs, maximising productivity and performance both mentally and physically.

Functional Products Tailored To You

Themed around three holistic pillars of immersive wellbeing – ‘Twilight’, ‘Balance’ and ‘Flow’ – State On Demand offers a range of forward-thinking wellbeing tools and functional products spanning from targeted nutrition formulas to multi-sensory experiences. A fundamental part of our personalised approach is targeted nutrition formulas, which are created with active ingredients to deliver specific benefits for the mind and body.