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An Immersive Wellness platform that helps you do more with your mind & body to reach the full potential.
Improve productivity, focus, learning, performance, creativity, motivation, sleep & meditation.

Cognitive & Emotive enhancement

Biohacking the gap between nature & technology, analog & digital worlds

SOND Platform

Designed to tune brainwaves to mental states at will. Explore the wonderful kaleidoscope of possibilities from Flow, Balance to Twilight states. Using Mind & Body Stimulation to make an impact on mental health, burnout, sleep, stress, anxiety, depression, pain, anger, ageing…

Personalised Nutrition

Enhancement aided by Herbal Synergy

Multisensory Experience

Cognitive & Psychological Conditioning

Biofeedback Loop

AI enhanced Mind & Body stimulation with Human Data


Mental Health & Wellbeing 3.0

Revolutionising Digital Health & Wellness with cross pollination of Neuro-Nutrition, Multisensory Experience & Biofeedback Loop. We want to enhance people’s lives to your fullest potential with biohacking & a bit of magic.

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Emerging Technologies

AI-enhanced Cognitive & Psychological Conditioning



NeuroMeditation is a new digital approach to traditional meditation practices that fundamentally rewires the brain towards joy. We can track, monitor and improve the multisensory experience with biosensors.

Brainwave Entertainment

We analyse brain, heart, body and breath data in real time with Biofeedback to hyper personalise multisensory experience using Machine Learning technology. Based on Human Data Profiling we can recommend Immersive Wellness programme, discover Herbal Synergy, match you with an expert, and even predict a disorder.

Powerful Brainwave Entertainment

Plant Based Alchemy

Botanicals & Brain Nutrients as Herbal Precision Medicine

Sublingual Oil


Gummy Bears

Bulletproof Coffee



Digital Therapeutics

Immersive Escapism with Interactive Biofeedback Games. Virtual Reality, Ambisonics Audio, Binaural beats, Isochronic Tones, Colour, Light and Temperature.


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