Virtual Wellbeing Sessions

Access daily live sessions of the sound bath, guided meditations, breathwork and workshops. For a monthly membership, goody bag is included containing supplements for each session.

Tune in to daily Virtual Wellbeing Sessions from leading experts and practitioners ranging from Sound Bath, Gong Bath, Crystal Bowls, Guided Meditation, Breathwork, Workshops…

Multisensory set and settings are provided for each virtual session including recommendations from light colour and frequency, room temperature, sounds to targeted nutrition for each session.

Free Weekly Sessions Pack

For these free Weekly session please book and use the promo code “Virtual” at the checkout. You will receive an email with the calendar invites for the sessions.

One-on-one Session

If you wish to have a personalised experience please book a 60 minutes one-on-one session with the therapists and sonic artists choosing various options from gong batch, crystal bowls, guided alpha meditation, yoga nidra, and more.

Monthly Sessions Pack + Goody Bag

Order a Monthly pack now and get a goody bag full of supplements for each of the sessions.
We are offering full access to our virtual wellbeing sessions to NHS staff with coupon code: NHS
If registered with a company email.