Sleeping Dragon Functional Soundscape


Fall asleep faster with Relaxing Sleep Generative Music

Best time to consume for circadian rhythms:

02:00 Deepest sleep, 04:30 Lowest bodytemperature, 19:00 Highest body temperature, 21:00 Melatonin secretion starts, 22:30 Bowel movements suppressed, 24:00 Night

Light stimulation:

Blackout curtains, Blocking out light, Darkening the LEDs of your electronic devices, Dim salt lamps

Music to Help You Sleep

This Generative Music combines all the power of delta waves to put you asleep faster. With this Functional Soundscape, you’ll beat insomnia, improving your quality of sleep.

Relaxing sleep music for deep sleeping and stress relief. Get the perfect nights sleep with this deeply relaxing music specifically created for sleep.