Employee Wellness Retreats

Stress and anxiety are at an all-time high in our world filled with conflicting stimuli – media, notifications, noise, pollution and sensory overload. Many creators are starting to institute programmes to improve workplace wellbeing, recognising it as a vital factor for success. Our corporate wellness retreats and cyberdelic events will educate about the impact of our vast sensorial landscape, and the importance of what we immerse ourselves in. We will help you build life-changing habits to make felt impacts, increase wellbeing and maximise productivity. Integrating discussions on how to support wellness & mental health in the workplace by supporting in your community with our ongoing integration programmes.

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Experience Workplace Wellbeing

Remote working, loneliness, tight deadlines, night shifts, long hours and stationary desk work all contribute to a wealth of mental and physical problems which can have a huge effect on the productivity of your workforce.

Many people are unequipped with the knowledge of how to deal with stress related illnesses. In the UK alone, the average leave taken by employees due to stress, depression or anxiety is 24 days.

We are uniting pioneers, innovators and thought leaders from the fields of plant medicine, emerging deep technologies, functional music and traditional spiritual practices like meditation and breathwork to take a deep dive into the world of holistic approach to employee health and human potential acceleration. By implementing simple daily exercises for both emotional and physical wellbeing, this is a statistic which can be dramatically reduced and you can enjoy the benefits of having a happy and healthy workforce.

We optimise performance with Multisensory Cyberdelic Experiences for your whole community focussing on Employee Wellbeing programmes spanning from improving sleep to optimal human performance, self-care & self-love, managing anxiety, transforming stress, and coping under pressure.